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Thin Blue Line TV is owned and operated by patriots.

The story begins with Ray Dietrich and Zach Heilman building massive 2,000,000+ follower accounts on Facebook in both pro-law enforcement and conservative politics, dating back to 2014.

After fighting big tech censorship day after day, we were demonetized and locked out of most of our pages. That wasn’t enough to stop us. We continue to be under attack from the big tech tyrants, losing countless YouTube channels as well.

Do we have a lot of ads on our site? Yes! Why? Because big tech won’t allow us to earn money on our content anywhere else. We, like everyone else, have bills to pay and mouths to feed so we appreciate you putting up with the ads.

Meet Our Team

Ray Dietrich

Co-Founder, Editor of Law Enforcement News

Ray is a proud patriot who spent twenty years in law enforcement in the Southern California area, working as a CSO, Deputy, Detective, and Sergeant.

Zach Heilman


Zach is a serial entrepreneur, online marketer, digital nomad, connector and a patriot.