Tucson, AZ – Several children that were initially reported missing were found alive following a deadly fire and shooting spree that targeted multiple first responders.

On Sunday afternoon Leslie Scarlett began a shooting spree that launched across three different crime scenes and left two people dead and four other people wounded. The incident began on Sunday afternoon when Scarlett targeted two EMTs who were responding to a medical emergency at a local park. Scarlett got out of his SUV and opened fire on the ambulance. The driver was struck in the head and the passenger was struck in the arm and chest. The driver remains in extremely critical condition and the passenger is listed in stable condition.


Scarlett then fled the scene and drove up the block to a house where firefighters were responding to a house fire in the 2100 block of Irene Vista. Scarlett opened fire on both the firefighters and the neighbors. One of the firefighters was struck in the arm and one of the neighbors was killed by the gunfire. The neighbor who was killed was shot in front of his 11 year old son. A second neighbor was grazed in the head by a bullet. The neighbor who died was later identified as Corey Saunders. The firefighter and other neighbor are reportedly in good condition.

Ex-convict Leslie Scarlett, 35, is accused of opening fire on neighbors, paramedics and firefighters in Tucson on Sunday, killing one and injuring four others

The firefighters called police to report the incident. A responding officer spotted Scarlett’s vehicle in the area. Scarlett rammed his vehicle into the officer’s vehicle, disabling it. At that point the officer got out of the vehicle and Scarlett and the officer exchanged gunfire. The officer hit Scarlett who was critically wounded from the gunfire. Scarlett remains in the hospital in critical condition.

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At the home where firefighters were responding to the housefire there was a dead body found inside. The fire victim was burned so badly that he could not be recognized. Police are uncertain if the death of the fire victim is directly related to the suspect.

“It is not clear what his intentions were. This is a highly tragic, really horrific incident, with many unknowns… A nightmare scenario.” – Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus